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8/30/2013 - It's been a long time, hasn't it? Unfortunately, my health continued to deteriorate over the course of 2011, and by the beginning of 2012 it was clear something more serious was going on. After months of tests and false starts, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in the summer of '12. The effects were worsened by a ruptured disc in my back; it's not clear when the initial rupture had happened, but by October it had intensified, becoming impossible to live with, and when it did not respond to physical therapy and was only slightly improved by oral and injected steroids, I underwent surgery to remove the herniated disc in January of 2013. It then reruptured, and I had a second surgery in March of 2013. As I write this in August, I am still suffering from residual numbness and weakness in my leg from the disc rupture (which may still go away, but then again may not) but I am starting to get a feel for my new limitations and requirements and am producing new art again! I have also expanded my offerings to include hand-sewn stuffed animals, and am working more in watercolor (which is much gentler on my long-suffering joints. Today's update includes lots of new art, and general website "cleanup." (I invite you to "like" the Bewildered Art Facebook page, where my newest creations are usually posted as soon as they are finished!)

4/3/11 - Two new pieces, "Spotted Dragon" and "Lotus"

3/27/11 - Two new pieces, "Nightlife" and "Awa-Odori."

3/14/11 - Back online after years of hiatus! Lots of new art, old art back to 2005, convention schedule. Coming in future updates: The rest of my old art, mature art, more links, and hopefully more new art and convention updates.

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