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July 2013
Dexter is a 4" tall stuffed mouse (mad?) scientist, hand sewn of white fake fur and pink felt, with a red velveteen waistcoat trimmed with black ribbon, white cotton cravat & shirt points, and protective goggles. Dexter's goggles are constructed of felt, ribbon, metal jump rings, and shell disc beads, and his vest is accented with tiny rhinestone buttons. Attached to his waistcoat by a silver-tone chain is a pocket watch constructed of a button & silvertone jewelry clasp, backed with deep red suede. (Dexter is based on a drawing of mine from last year - please see the Prints section of my store for details.)

Please note that Dexter is intended for the display and adoration of grownups, and is not suitable for children under 3 (due to choking hazards), children older than 3 (due to the fragility of his wee little felt hands, feet, and tail), or adults who would be unable to resist playing with him in the manner of children under and/or over 3. Treat him gently. Dexter's vest and goggles have been sewn to his furry firmament and it would be unwise to attempt to remove or change them; other mice with their own unique senses of fashion will be produced in due time.

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Dexter 1
Dexter 2
Dexter 3
Dexter 4
Dexter 5

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