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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use your art for tubes or sigs?

Short answer: No and yes. Please see my Tubes and Sigs Policy for details. DO NOT email me regarding tubes and sigs - I WILL NOT reply to your email.

2. Where do you get your ideas?

Sometimes I'm inspired by photos in magazines, or by something I saw.  Sometimes I don't have any real idea where I'm going - I'll just draw a face, and see where it takes me.  Sometimes I have a technique I want to try, and the picture grows from that.  I talk to my friends, I talk to my kids, and I keep an eye on the world.

3. What are your main artistic influences?

 I find manga artists Takahashi Rumiko and Masakazu Katsura have influenced my anime-style artwork the most.  Wendy Pini (artist of ElfQuest) is another strong influence - much of my earliest art was Elfquest fanart, and I still find my inking techniques harkening back to her. Olivia has had a distinct influence on my "cheesecake" compositions, though I only wish I had her skill with fleshtones.  Alphonse Mucha and other Art Nouveau artists, the impressionists (particularly when I paint), and old illuminations, woodcuts, and etchings have all made their mark. But, like most artists, I tend to pick up things wherever I see them and absorb them into my own style, so there's no way I could list everyone that's influenced me.

4. Do you do CG?

Although I now have Photoshop and am using it for limited situations, I probably will continue to do most of my work by hand - I'm a hands-on kind of gal!

5. Do you do manga?

I did the artwork for two issues of a manga entitled "Purrsia" published by Purrsia Press. Unfortunately, the other things going on in my life sucked time away from the manga, and after finally finishing issue 2 way behind schedule, I called it quits, both for my own sake and for theirs. The two installments are currently available as a single issue. 

Following "Purrsia" I was one of the runner-up winners in Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga competition with my entry "Trickster." The compilation volume may still be available on Amazon, though Tokyopop has discontinued operations.

I currently have several manga projects "in the works," and hope to be able to announce the publication of one of them sometime in the near future.

6. Do you do requests?

No.  This is not to be mean or snooty; I simply don't have drawing time available to do anything other than paying work, for medical reasons. Don't bother sending me your sob story, because it can't change the physical and financial realities of my situation; I'm not even encouraging new paid commissions right now.

7. Do you do commissions?

Yes, but I am currently far behind on my commission backlog; you may wish to wait until I am caught up to get a better turnaround time.

8. Can I link to your page?

Of course!  You don't even need to ask me. 

9. If I link to your page, will you link to mine?

The sites that I link to on my page are those that I am personally interested in or enjoy visiting on a regular basis, and I can't guarantee that I will enjoy every site that wants to link to me.  It is better for me to say here and now that I won't link to any sites than to hurt your feelings by saying no to your site. However, if you do link to my site, please let me know and I will try to pay you a visit. Sadly, even when I find a page I want to link to, it sometimes takes me months (or years) to get the actual link up. I'm bad that way.

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