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About the Artist

I was born in 1972 in Elgin, IL; attended St. Joseph's and St. Edward's Catholic Schools in Elgin and graduated
from the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy in Aurora (class of 1990). For college, I attended University of New
Orleans, took some classes at San Juan College and Elgin Community College, and finally settled in at the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign, where I earned my BA and MA in East Asian Languages and Cultures, specializing in Japanese Literature.

I began my career as a fantasy artist in 2000, selling drawings of catgirls on eBay as a way to earn money while staying home
with my children. Since then, I have expanded into the SF/Fantasy convention circuit, selling prints and originals across the country.
I also was fortunate enough to create the cover art for the Whiskey Bards albums "Women, Whiskey, and War"; "The Recruiter:
Free Rum Ain't Free"; "Bottoms Up!"; and "A Knight At The Inn," and had my short manga story "Trickster" published in
Tokyopop's first Rising Stars of Manga anthology. In addition to fantasy art, I also make jewelry and custom stuffed animals,
and enjoy a variety of needlework and other crafts.

I am the mother of three fabulous children and reside in Tucson, Arizona, where I also teach Japanese.

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